Catylist Fall Software Improvements

Example Reports
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New and improved PDF Reports

We know how important it is to be able to hand your clients professional looking materials, and we’ve spent the last couple months completely overhauling our PDF brochures and reports using all the great suggestions we’ve been receiving. Here are the highlights:

  • We spent a lot of time on general beautification: minimizing white-space and increasing data-density, eliminating overflow, making pages break efficiently, using better fonts and spacing.  All of the reports will now look much more professional.
  • We’ve doubled the number of items (listings/properties/comparables) that can be contained in a report.
  • The single-page and multi-page formats now have an option to include demographics and/or market statistic summaries.  These can be enabled when customizing a report.
  • If you’re generating a multi-page brochure for a listing, you can now choose to include any/all/none of the uploaded attachments.  These will show up at the end of the same PDF.
  • In addition to manually changing the order via drag-and-drop, you can now set a sort order for each report using common fields like: Date Added, Property Type, Location (State/City), Price, Size, Number of Units, Status, Cap Rate, Zoning, Agent Name (Last/First), and Company Name.
  • Pages are now automatically numbered.
  • The new platform is faster and more reliable.
  • We’ve enabled several more report formats for comparables — they should have the same options as listing reports now.

You can check them out by clicking the “Generate PDF Brochure” link on any listing, or clicking the “Create Report” button at the top of search results.

Better support for Industrial properties

In order to make the database more useful for industrial specialists, we’ve incorporated core industrial fields like ceiling height, loading docks/doors, etc. throughout the system.

  • Added industrial-specific fields to listing search results and most reports.
  • Ceiling height values are now stored as a range of a minimum (clear height) and maximum value, which allows users to search more accurately.
  • We also added many additional building details to comparables — you’ll notice those on overview pages and the various report formats.

Easier link-building for SiteLinks

SiteLink is our customizable search engine, ready for instant integration into company websites. We’ve tweaked our search API to make it easier for SiteLink clients to deep-link to results pages.  Here are a couple examples:

Return all sale listings:

Return office listings for a particular City:,MI

SiteLink company administrators can view some examples on the “Integration Tips” page, linked
from their console.


  • Agent and company information now display in the expanded version of listing search results.
  • We’re now doing a better job validating email addresses, so as to avoid bounced communications.  Users with bad email addresses will be prompted to correct them when logging in.


Thanks for your excellent feedback and suggestions.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with ideas.


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    Very nice layout.