Catylist improves CIE software: Listing Fixer, Combined Search, Links to Social Media, and more.

We received a lot of great suggestions over the past couple months, and have been hard at work incorporating these improvements into our commercial information exchanges. Grab a cup of coffee, and read over the changes below!

Meet the Listing Fixer!

Whether you’re an agent or company administrator, you likely spend a good deal of time making sure your listings are accurate, complete, and up-to-date. We’ve created a new tool to make this job much quicker and easier.

If you have listings that need attention, you’ll see a bright red message waiting for you when you log in to your CIE. Just click the “Fix This” link, and you’ll be taken to the new Listing Fixer. You’ll see the problem listings on the left; clicking each one will tell you exactly what’s wrong, displaying only the fields you need to change. This allows you to quickly move through the list minimizing clicking, scrolling and searching to find problems.

This tool is something no other listing service (commercial or residential) offers, and besides making your life easier, we think it will drastically improve commercial property data integrity.

Link to Social Media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Blogs

You can now link your CIE profile to your accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, or to your blog. This also works for company profiles. We’ve seen a steady increase in usage of these sites by CRE professionals, and we’re planning more integration later this year. Here’s an example of a CIE member profile using the new Social Media links:

Combined Search: Active, Expired & Withdrawn Listings, Comps, and Building/Land Records

There’s a lot of searchable data on your CIE, and we’re always working to make it easier for you to find exactly what you need. You can now perform all property-related searches on the same page: Active Listings, Expired/Withdrawn, Comparables, and Building/Land Records (for CIEs that have off-market property data). Here’s a before and after comparison.

A few changes to note:

  • We moved the Address Lookup box to the top of the search page to make it easier to find. Use this when you want to find out everything we know about a particular address (current listings, price changes, sale/lease history, links to tax records, etc).
  • The new page makes it easier to search for specialty types: investment property, auctions, distressed property & price reductions.
  • We made it easier to post wants, save searches, and create property alerts. You’ll now see direct links to these options when you’re viewing search results.

Display your Listings Anywhere with a Listing Widget

The Listing Widget is a new tool that allows you to embed a few listings on any website or blog, just by pasting some JavaScript into the page. You can build your widget by logging in, then clicking through to the “Promote” page for any listing. For SiteLink users, the widget will link directly to listing presentations on your SiteLink, so this is a great way to drive eyeballs to your listings.

FREE Company Administrator Training

We currently offer free online training sessions 4 days a week. We’re adding a 5th day, specifically geared toward company administrators, who are always hard at work behind the scenes. Neal will be leading these sessions, which will give admins a broad overview of how to get the most out of the system as well as answer any specific questions they may have. These will be held every Tuesday, and we encourage you or your company’s admin to attend. Sign Up Now!


As always, thanks for your excellent feedback and suggestions! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas to improve the service. We’ll be rolling out more great tools in a couple months.