Catylist CIE Improvements: Discussion Forums, Inventory Reports

We’ve just wrapped up our Spring round of improvements to our commercial information exchanges! To take advantage of these tools, just log in to either your local Catylist CIE, or Commercial IQ.

CIE Discussion Forums

Your CIE now has a built-in forum, where you can discuss local commercial real estate topics, ask questions, and share expertise. We hope you take advantage of this to discuss current trends, local news, changes in the marketplace, etc. It’s a great way to show off your knowledge and network with other pros in your market. You’ll see the latest forum activity in your Market Monitor, and can receive automatic updates via email.

To visit your local discussion forum, look for the link on the CIE homepage or on the Market Monitor page once you’ve logged in.

Inventory Reports

Creating inventory reports is a common task for any company, whether for clients or for internal use. For instance, you might need to generate a report (or a CSV export) of all active listings including expiration dates so that your admin can make calls to verify pieces of information. Or, you might want to generate a report of all property represented by their firm for distribution to a potential investor, or maybe you just need a nice, printable PDF displaying all the details for your current Industrial offerings.

Catylist already has the best looking reports in the industry. We made a few changes that should make generating these reports much easier:

  • We greatly increased the limit on the number of items in a report.
  • We added the ability to include expiration date when creating a report with your own listings. You’ll see this option on the “Customize Report” page.
  • We added the ability to include expiration date in the CSV export format when exporting your own listings.
  • We added links to the company admin console and your company’s profile page to “Generate Inventory Report”, which automatically rounds up all your company’s active listings to be included in any of our printable, customizable, PDF report formats.

Here’s an example: Sample Inventory Report

A few other notable changes…

  • Every Catylist CIE now has a built-in Blog. Your CIE admins will use this to communicate important information, upcoming events, etc. You’ll see all the new posts in your Market Monitor.
  • When managing your own listings, you can now “Select All on Page” or “Select All” which automatically selects all listings, comps, or properties on all pages. This should save a lot of time and a lot of clicking.
  • Maximum size for uploaded listing attachments increased to 10mb.
  • “Economic Developer” and “Auctioneer” have been added to the list of selectable user roles, and AICP was added to the list of professional organizations.
  • For CIE’s that track “Cooperation Compensation”, it can now be included in listing CSV exports.


As always, thanks for your excellent feedback and suggestions! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas to improve the service. We’ll be rolling out more great tools and enhancements later this Summer.