Catylist CIE Improvements: Major Map Upgrades, New Market Statistics

We’ve just wrapped up our Fall round of improvements to our commercial information exchanges! To take advantage of these tools, just log in to either your local Catylist CIE, or Commercial IQ.

Major Map Upgrades, GIS Capabilities & Layering

An important part of building a successful CIE is assembling different kinds of data in a way that allows your members to make better decisions. To that end we’ve made some big upgrades to our mapping software.

Your CIE is now a fully capable GIS platform. We’ve added the ability to overlay various types of data on top of your property listings, comparables, and building records. Whether it’s heat maps, points of interest, or custom geographic boundaries like local industrial zones — your CIE is now able to integrate any GIS layers you have access to for your local market.

To start, we incorporated a few layers of Census 2009 demographic data (Population Density, Household Income, and Education Level) as well as traffic flow indicators for major streets and highways. These new layers will be available on all CIEs. We’ve also been working with CPIX in Michigan to integrate several custom layers sourced from local data including: Railroads, Airports, Hospitals, and Universities.

This is something that no other CIE platform offers and it’s just a taste of what is possible — we look forward to working with each of you to integrate local data sets.

Finally, a few additional improvements:

  • In the past, we’ve limited the number of items on a map to 500. We’re removing this limit altogether — the new maps perform similar to a heat map in areas with many listings.
  • All of these new layers will transfer automatically to the PDF reports generated from the CIE.
  • All maps now have a box-zoom feature, and a distance measuring tool.
  • We also made a few changes so that clustered listings on a report don’t overlap.

New & Improved Market Statistics & Trends

We’ve completely overhauled the way we’re calculating and displaying market statistics.

Here’s how the process works. Each month, we collect a snapshot of all records (listings, properties, comparables) for your CIE. We then normalize those records, eliminating those with extremely high or low prices and sizes, and eliminating duplicates. Essentially, we build the most accurate virtual model possible of the space in your market. We then calculate various stats using these snapshots, allowing you to compare values month-to-month, identify trends.

We break the display into two pages. First, is the market summary, which gives you some high-level numbers about the market in general and allows you to compare property types side-by-side. You can then click deeper to view specifics for each property type, including 3-month and 12-month averages, 12-month trends, and submarket comparisons.

  • We’re now tracking new statistics like “Days on Market”, and “Percentage Below List”, which measure the average discount from the original sale price.
  • If your CIE tracks off-market properties, you’ll see new variables including: Total Inventory SF, Total Listed SF, Total Occupied SF, Vacancy Rate, and Net Absorption SF.
  • Filter stats by location and property type.
  • Download stats into a very nice company-branded PDF report, ready for clients.

The more research your CIE is doing, the more complete the database, and the more meaningful the statistics. The stats are available to CIE members only. Access them via the “View Market Statistics” link on your console, or by clicking through to “View More Market Stats” from any listing.

CIE Homepage Redesign

We gave our CIE sites a face-lift, based on some great suggestions we received from many of you. The new homepage is designed to better engage those searching for commercial space – we hope you like the new look!

Confidential Lease Rates

Everyone wants to know what rates spaces are leasing at, but few are willing to share the information. This causes many users to enter false information when entering the lease details of their completed transactions. We’ve added the ability to “Keep Lease Rate Confidential” when entering the rate. If that box is clicked, we will never display the lease rate. We will, however, be able to use it anonymously when calculating market stats. The rate for that particular space stays a secret, while the entire CIE benefits by tracking a more accurate lease rate average.

Space for Lease Display

Previously when searching for lease space, we display each space as a separate item in search results, even if those spaces are in the same building. We still think this is great for people searching for space. When displaying an agent’s or a company’s listings however, having the spaces separate is less desirable. We’ve made a change so that on profile displays like SiteLink or AgentLink, lease spaces are combined and displayed as a single building.


As always, thanks for your excellent feedback and suggestions! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas to improve the service. We’ll be rolling out more great tools and enhancements in a couple months.


  1. Posted by Cary McCord CCIM on December 6, 2010 at 10:24 AM | Permalink

    The new improvements are wonderful. Your constant upgrade of data delivery is a testimony to your dedication to Customer Service. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Best