Catylist CIE Upgrades: New Report Builder, Private Listings, and Redesigned Market Monitor

We’ve just rolled out several new features and upgrades to our Commercial Information Exchange (AKA: Commercial MLS) platform, used by commercial real estate professionals in over 30 markets around the country.

Redesigned Market Monitor

When you log in to your CIE, the Market Monitor is the first page you see. We’ve redesigned it to be more visual, communicating the same information with fewer words to read – View a Screenshot. It’s also now available on the Mobile CIE, so you can keep up with the latest activity wherever you are.

New Report Builder

You can already use your CIE to create a wide variety of PDF reports. To make that easier and more flexible, we’ve created a section dedicated to assembling reports of all types. Two key changes:

  • All report options in one place: No matter what you need, you can now find all report types on the same page – no more hunting around the CIE for a particular report.
  • Mix & match pages to create packages: Different reports can now be combined to create customized packages.

For instance, let’s say I’m helping a client find some retail space for her business and I’ve identified several properties that could meet her needs. I can now create a printable PDF that starts with a cover page (including my company logo and some notes), then include a full page map showing the location of the properties (including relevant demographic overlays), multiple pages of detail for each space (including unlimited photos), a page describing local market trends, and a targeted demographic report.

View: Sample Report 1, Sample Report 2

You can access the new Report Builder under the “Tools” menu or by clicking to “Customize” any report.

Private Listings, Listing Proposals

In the past, it’s been difficult/impossible to use your CIE to create listing proposals, since it would require inputting a listing that you don’t yet officially represent. We’ve made a few changes to work around this.

You can now add “Private” listings to your CIE. When adding a listing, you’ll see a new option at the bottom of the page to “Keep Private”. Private listings are only viewable by you and your company administrator. Use them to create proposals for listings you’re trying to win. Once a new private listing is complete, you can use it to create a comprehensive proposal using the new Report Builder, rather than trying to piece together a proposal outside of your CIE.

We hope this helps you pitch and win new business. We’ll be adding more features to this in the near future, so please send us your ideas and suggestions!

Monitor Traffic for All Listings

We’ve added the ability for you (as an agent) to see a combined traffic report that includes all hits for all of your listings. This makes it easy for you to see which sites are providing the majority of your leads. You can access this via links on the “Market Monitor” or “Manage Listings” pages.

Also, AgentLink hits are now included in the traffic numbers, so if you’re using our software to power your personal websites you can now better track the traffic and the ROI.

Integrated 2010 Demographics

We’re happy to announce that your CIE will now include basic Census 2010 and ACS demographics free of charge. You’ll see these updated demographic stats on all listings, as map layer options, and as an optional component when creating various reports. View a Sample Demographic Report


All of these changes came directly from feedback we’ve received from you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your suggestions – we’re planning another round of upgrades for the Fall!