Catylist CIE Upgrades: Easier listing input and new features for the Report Builder

We’ve just rolled out several new features to our Commercial Information Exchange (AKA: Commercial MLS) platform, used by commercial real estate professionals in over 30 markets around the country.

Quicker to Add/Edit Listings

We’ve made big changes to the listing input section of your CIE.  The new design should make it quicker and easier to add your listings and keep them accurate and up-to-date.  Here are a few of bigger changes:

  • We removed the tabs and many of the subsections.  Things should be easier to find and quicker to access – fewer clicks, fewer page loads.
  • The text is now larger with more spacing – easier to read.
  • It’s now easier to add additional use types, create separate for sale/lease listings, etc.
  • We improved the visibility and content of the help tips and examples for each field.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Easier to Report your Transactions

Your CIE is a community effort, and the more information you share, the more valuable it becomes.
We’re always looking for ways to improve the number and quality of transactions captured by your CIE.  As part of the improvements to the listing input pages, we made the process of changing a listing’s status (from Active to Sold, etc.) more intuitive by adding a “Change Status” link.  Now, when a listing is marked sold or leased, we pop up a window that asks you for just the most important information about the transaction.  You can still enter more details if you like, but we hope this will encourage all members to contribute at least the date and price of the deal they closed, generating more comps and better market stats.  

Include your own pages in Reports/Presentations

We’re really pleased with the feedback we’ve gotten on the new Report Builder.  We’ve added some great new features based on your suggestions.

You can now upload your own files for inclusion in any report, including Word documents, PDFs, PowerPoints, or spreadsheets.  These files will be appended to the end of the report, and stored for use in future reports.  For instance, an agent can now integrate their own market analysis directly into the PDF generated on your CIE, and a company administrator can upload company marketing materials that any of their agents can integrate into the proposals they create, etc.  This really opens the door for you to use the CIE as your central place for generating reports and proposals – we’re excited to see the kinds of materials you create!

Additional Report Builder Upgrades

  • Remove Page Numbers – There’s now an option to remove page numbers, allowing you to shuffle the order of pages after a report is printed.
  • Include Demographics for Any Location – You can now include a demographic report covering any geography – just enter your target area. 
  • Improved Speed – We’ve improved the speed of reports with lots of listings, like large company inventory reports.

Faster Searches

Searches on your CIE are already fast, but we’ve made some optimizations to our search algorithms that should speed them up considerably.

Better Listing SEO

We’re continuing to look for more ways to drive traffic to your listings.  We’ve made a few additional changes (smarter URLs and the inclusion of microdata) that should improve the search engine (ie. Google/Bing) ranking of property listing pages when searching by address. 


All of these changes came directly from feedback we’ve received from you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your suggestions!